As of today, there are close to 10 000 COVID-19 cases in Canada, and there have been 109 reported deaths. The peak number of new cases is not expected to occur for a few weeks... In Manitoba, the first instances of "community transmission" were reported yesterday. The number of cases in Manitoba was 127 as of April 1st with one death reported. The Doble Lab officially shut down its experiments on Monday, March 23rd. Victor and I are both working from home. Thankfully, Victor is nearing the end of his PhD, so he has much reading and writing to do, and he was able to complete some key experiments just prior to the lab's closure.

I have been under the weather for the last few weeks, which has slowed me down with my website update and other activities (reading, writing and reviewing...). My symptoms are more consistent with a cold/flu, and I haven't travelled internationally, so I don't think I have COVID-19. I have been staying put at home, only venturing out to get essentials once a week.

I have international students that have been accepted to pursue graduate studies in my lab. I'm looking forward to their arrival after the pandemic starts to wane and travel restrictions are lifted and the university re-opens for research at the bench. 

The weather here in "Winterpeg" was appropriately spring-like until today... This pictures I have attached were taken at two different times  this morning (approximately 2 hours apart)... 

Take care everyone! 

Stay at home if you can, and ensure you distance yourself from others if you do have to venture out of the safety of your abode.